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9 ways to write a listicle that will get clicked the cr*p out of

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1. Don’t hate the player, hate the game

Don't hate the playa

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2. Come up with a killer title

The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini

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strategia opzioni binarie lungo termine 3. You(r) best attribute

The web’s a copyright infringement minefield but, if you want to be a good web citizen, you need to exercise a little caution. Honestly, the big scary internet police aren’t coming to get you if you don’t provide attribution for your images, gifs and multimedia oojamaflips, but using them shows that you’re not a big pinchy Magee. It’s also likely to do you (perceived) authoritative favours, link out from your site to decent sources (good for Google brownie points) and help you to feel like one of the good guys. Remember:

  • Creative Commons = the perfect place for images you can use without stepping on toes
  • But you won’t find up-to-date pictures of celebs there, so then you’d probably have to buy or get stealy…tut tut
  • Full, recommended attribution can be a big pain and few people go this far
  • Using a Flickr pic? This tool will help you attribute instantly

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Eadweard Muybridge woman dancing

(Source: Wikimedia)

If images and punchy headings aren’t enough to capture your audiences’ attention, it’s time to pull out the big guns, GIF style. You can search for licensed gifs like so:

How to find an unlicensed GIF





Or you can make your own from your webcam, from a series of pictures, from a YouTube video, in fact from any video – go on!



5. Hit on your own magic number

Veltman Abelson list length Buzzfeed research graph

Source: Nieman Lab


Five is too few, 10 is passe, 20 (according to weirdo listicle over-analyser Jack Shepard) just “feels real weird”.  So how long should your listicle be? And does length matter?

There’s no hard and fast rule here. Personally, I like 15 – not too many, not too few, not annoyingly even, but not arbitrarily odd. Honestly, though, there’s not science, simply come up with as many list items as you can without diluting the quality of your listicle.  Fewer than 10 can seem sparse, though, and more than 35 will gve your readers a case of RSI (Repetitive Scroll Injury).

According to some alarmingly in depth research (pictured) by Noah Veltman & Brian Abelson the most repeated Buzzfeed listicle lengths are 10, 15, 21, and 25.  There’s also some industry hocus-pocus which suggest odd numbers do better.

como ganar dinero con opciones binarias sin invertir The trick? Use as many items as you need to explore your subject and make it interesting, but don’t bulk up a list for listing’s sake. This is quality control as much as anything else. Just make it good.

6. Let’s get one thing straight

…and then get  let’s everything else straight too. Your images, your titles, your killer filler…

Listicles are inherently visual, which means that looks matter. We all wish we lived in a less shallow, more substantial world, but alas. Nice, consistent, evenly spaced content = slick, professional-looking, eye-pleasing content. Anything else الخيارات الثنائية للدمى تحميل مجاني will look sloppy, capiche?

7. Deliver

Adam Ant Stand and Deliver album art

(SOURCE: Allbum.it)

You’ve hooked click-happy readers with a killer title, now it’s time to deliver that the promise you set out in your eye-catching, cursor-compelling headline. Fail to do so and you’ll be looking at disappointed customers, a sky high bounce rate and a listicle so non-viral it’s basically an antibiotic.

8. Cut the waffle

Dutch waffles

(SOURCE: Wikimedia)

A little rich coming at the tail end of a wordy old listicle, but listicle readers have a certain set of expectations and those expectations don’t include reading a whole loada words. People want titles, (possibly a strapline) and a picture. So keep it simple. A picture paints a thousand words, anyway.

9. Don’t get pretentious

Pretentious manor get your literary knickers in a twist. Remember when everyone thought video games were the dearth of modern culture? Remember when television was the lowest brow medium around? Remember the 1700s when everyone looked down their literary noses at the novel? The poor old listicle gets a nasty verbal beating, but it’s just a form of entertainment and diversion like any other. Some are good, some are bad, most are somewhere in between. If you set out feeling superior, you’re not committing to this medium and you’re not going to create something fun, punchy or engaging – it’s always going to feel, well, a bit snide.

So get it off your chest. Feel better. Crack on with a fun listicle your readers will love and share the hell out of.

And that’s a wrap! Interested in filling your site with visual, punchy and of-the-moment content? Have your own ideas about what makes the perfect listicle? Do you have an all time listy favourite? Share your ideas in our comment section below or ask robot per le opzioni binarie_ hello@toyourheartscontent.co.uk to create some cracking content especially for you. 

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  1. Giuseppe says:

    “14 reasons why Smongbake is the wrong name if you want your new baby to be Chinese”

    1. Smongbake sounds more Belgian than Chinese
    2. Babies do not respond well to words beginning ‘smong’
    3. It is well known that ‘ongba’ is evil and should not be used
    4. In the court case of Hesky versus Dook, the use of unquoted ‘mong’ without carpatelli is now forbidden
    5. etc etc etc

    Do I win?

  2. Holly says:

    I’m not quite sure what you’re getting at here, Giuseppe, but you’ve certainly written a list about Smongbake. Nice job.

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