SEO Blog Writing Services

Smart blogging is the lifeblood of any well-performing website which attracts and retains lots of great quality traffic. For many thriving businesses, keeping up to date with regular on-site blog posts is an impossible task. Yet staying engaged and posting regularly shows visitors that you’re relevant, on-the-ball and worth their valuable time. That's where our SEO blog writing services can help...

Long-Tail Loveliness

The benefits of a regularly updated on-site blog don’t stop at reader engagement. SEO isn’t just about head terms any more. The more blogs you write, the more likely you are to pick up long-tail traffic which you might not even be targeting. A blog is a hotbed of weird and wonderful search terms just waiting to be ‘Googled’, which is why our SEO blog writing services are so worthwhile.

But wait! It’s a triple whammy: search engines love lots of regularly updated content, too – and they’re only getting hungrier. The more brilliant blogging you do, the more love Google shows your site. All of that juicy content tells the algorithms that you’re getting really stuck into the web and providing worthwhile material for searchers.

Picture of an early motor car as a tongue-in-cheek example of 'great quality traffic', which is what our SEO blog writing services attract.

How Our SEO Blog Writing Services Can Help

Ready to get blogging? We work with businesses in London and across the UK that are simply too busy to post themselves. You can focus on what you do best and we’ll take the time to learn about what you do, the industry you’re in and the audience you want to attract.

We’re happy to write about topics of your choosing or take the initiative ourselves. We can even put together a calendar that's full of upcoming blog ideas for you to approve.

And there you have it. Some lovely fresh content for your readers and the search engines to slurp up.

The Benefits Of On-Site Blogs

  • Great interaction with your visitors
  • Increased social media ‘shareability’
  • An online reputation as the go-to authority in your industry
  • Lots of juicy, ever-increasing long-tail traffic
  • Regular updates that tell Google just how relevant you are

What are you waiting for? Quick! Get blogging…

Take a Butcher's at our SEO Blog Writing Services in Action

Keen to see what we’re talking about? For a few on-site blog examples, take a look at our lovely portfolio. If you’d like us to work our magic on your blog, drop us a line to talk about regular, slurpable blog content.

A picture of a Victorian butchers as an invitation to 'take a butchers' at our SEO blog writing services.

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