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Copywriting Snootiness


A world map to illustrate that we may well be the best copywriting agency in the world

Here at To Your Heart’s Content, we like to have the occasional glance over at a few other copywriting agencies just to see what they’re up to. After all, Sun Tzu, the famed Chinese military strategist and author of The Art of War (it’s mandatory reading for all copywriters), said: “Know your enemy and know…

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How to Find Quality Blog Images For Less

Sure you can find better blog images than this!

There are endless listicles out there cataloging the good, the bad and the just plain stupid of the stock imagery world, but there’s very little in the way of practical advice for those of us who want to find original, high-quality blog images without having to remortgage our house. Adding good quality images to your…

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Ditch the Cookie Cutter & Create Clever Online Content

Say no to cookie cutter content and start producing clever online content.

Call us hypocrites, but we’re tired of reading generic ‘How Tos’ such as ‘4 Ways to Get a Good Deal on an X’. And it looks like much of the internet feels the same. If your online audience is into patchy puff pieces, more power to you – but pumping out this type of cookie-cutter…

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Why Bargain Basement Copywriting is a False Economy

Cheap copywriting is an example of a false economy

There are some things in life it’s a good idea to scrimp on. Growing your own vegetables will save you a pretty penny, turning down the thermostat and popping on a nice warm jumper will save you pounds come winter time, choosing supermarket own brand painkillers will help you cure those headaches for less. And…

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Dear Webmasters, A Note About Content Formatting…

Sometimes it’s the little things which add up to the big picture. And sometimes it’s the little things which make usually passive copywriters want to indiscriminately smash innocent members of the public with their laptops. I’m talking about content formatting and, if you’ve ever left your precious copy in the hands of an aesthetically insensible…

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