SEO Copywriting Rates

At To Your Heart's Content, we charge a fair price for smart research and quality writing. We're not betting types, but we challenge you to find more beautifully written content at better SEO copywriting rates elsewhere. We don't believe in cookie cutters and we do not take the biscuit!

Quality and Quantity

Time for some hard truths. When you order ten blogs from a stranger on Upwork for £10 a pop, you’ll usually receive a charmless, garbled rehash of the first slightly relevant blog the 'writer' could find; mistakes – possibly, engaging – probably not. Trust us, we’ve been there and read it (and then had to rewrite it…).

A picture of a cookie because our SEO copywriting rates do not take the biscuit!

Our SEO Copywriting Rates

Our rates depend on a number of variables, including the level of research required and the complexity of the brief. However, as a guide, we typically charge:

can i buy Pregabalin in spain 400-500 words - £50.00
600-800 words - £70.00 1000-1200 words - £90.00

buy Lyrica europe Hourly rate - £30 - We can help you with everything from editing, optimising and proofreading existing content to writing multiple meta tags and conducting keyword research.

Day rate –  £200 – We’re yours for the day. Whether we spend our time rewriting a client’s website, creating a detailed guide or producing multiple product descriptions is entirely up to you.


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