TYHC’s Adventures in Copywriting – Spring/Summer 2023

A photo of five different flavours of ice cream

While pasty-faced Brits have been busy getting incinerated on the content, here at TYHC, we’ve been stuck in our basements writing perhaps some of the best content known to humankind. Granted, it’s not been all that much fun, but we still have the alabaster skin of a porcelain doll. We’re gorgeous, all of us, and…

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What Does a Copywriter Do All Day?

What does a copywriter do all day? This looks nothing like my office

Ever wondered what a copywriter does all day? Perhaps you’re thinking of pursuing a career as a copywriter or simply want to feel a bit better about your own life? Whichever is true for you, I thought I’d take half an hour out of my day to enlighten you. So here, with a little zhuzhing…

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Childcare. Copywriting. Cladding. In That Order

Childcare. Copywriting. Cladding. An update from To Your Heart's Content

The football fans amongst you will see that I’ve borrowed a writing mechanism from that very learned Welshman Gareth Bale for this little update from To Your Heart’s Content (TYHC). I hope he doesn’t mind. Despite the pandemic bringing all sorts of carnage to all sorts of people, at TYHC, I’ve been very lucky that…

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A New Addition to Our Guest Blog Writing Service

We're changing our guest blog writing service by sourcing the posting opportunities for you

We like to keep things moving here at To Your Heart’s Content, so after receiving the same request from a few of our clients, we thought the time was right to take the next step in our guest blog writing service. Now, don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong with stagnating and festering, and in…

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The Copywriting Process: How Does it Work?

A picture of a chrysalis turning into a butterfly, much in the same way our copywriting process turns initial information into beautiful copy

Following on from last week’s blog about finding a good copywriter, we thought we’d shed some light on the copywriting process and how it all works here at To Your Heart’s Content. If you’re new to the world of outsourced copywriting or have not worked with our team before, these are some of the questions…

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Say Hello to a Few New Copywriting Clients

Illuminated shaking hands to represent TYHC's new copywriting clients coming onboard

Lockdown living has certainly not been a walk in the park. In fact, it’s been 21 walks in the park in the last 21 days. That’s thanks to an exuberant one-year-old who loves chasing pigeons. But while the last 10 weeks has brought its fair share of challenges, it’s also given me a little time…

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A New Copywriting Portfolio at Last!

Some balloons to help celebrate the arrival of our new copywriting portfolio

Frequent visitors to the TYHC copywriting portfolio, of which, admittedly, there are probably very few, would be forgiven for thinking it was perpetually 2013. Rather than showcasing our latest triumphs in copywriting, they are greeted by some dusty old links to some dusty old articles, written when I was still a wee whippet of a…

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TYHC is Back from the Dead!

The resurrection of Aslan

The many longtime fans of the To Your Heart’s Content (TYHC) team will be delighted to see that we’re back! Unfortunately, we haven’t actually been anywhere at all, not Bermuda, Brazil or even Barry Island. Instead, we’ve been beavering away behind our laptop screens, continuing to write scintillating copy for our clients. It was only…

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