TYHC is Back from the Dead!

The many longtime fans of the To Your Heart’s Content (TYHC) team will be delighted to see that we’re back! Unfortunately, we haven’t actually been anywhere at all, not Bermuda, Brazil or even Barry Island. Instead, we’ve been beavering away behind our laptop screens, continuing to write scintillating copy for our clients. It was only the online face of the business, our website, which disappeared.

Back in March last year, it came to our attention that there were a lot of outbound links from our website that we didn’t build. These were links to products of an unsavoury nature that we would not endorse or use unless we really had to. The only thing for it was to remove our site from the ether while we dusted ourselves off and regrouped.

Yes, we were hacked!

The long and short of it ladies and gents, is that we were hacked. Some urchin had spotted a chink in our online armour and squirrelled their way in. Their intentions were entirely nefarious and if we ever catch up with you, whoever you are, you’re in deep trouble, particularly given the amount of UFC Nathan has been watching of late.

Wrestler performing an armbar

“How do you like those malicious links now!”

But rather than trying out his new armbar on a hapless hacker, we thought we’d use this opportunity to take our site down and give it a refresh. Luckily, we have some of the world’s best clients who have stood by us and continue to supply us with as much work as we can handle. That’s why the process has been a slow one. But now, we’re well and truly back!

Let’s have a chat!

So, if you have any content questions or requirements, please get in touch at hello@toyourheartscontent.co.uk and we’ll be delighted to help. You can also stay tuned to the TYHC blog for regular copywriting hints, tips and plenty of other nonsense. Or, if you’re inclined to a tweet, why not holla at @TYHContent?