A New Addition to Our Guest Blog Writing Service

We like to keep things moving here at To Your Heart’s Content, so after receiving the same request from a few of our clients, we thought the time was right to take the next step in our guest blog writing service.

Now, don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong with stagnating and festering, and in fact, that’s how we like to spend most of our free time, but on this occasion, we’re going to evolve right in front of your eyes!

Sourcing guest blog writing opportunities

Until now, we’ve always written the guest blogs for our clients but left finding the publishing spots up to them. As many of our clients are agencies, that’s something they’ve always done themselves anyway. They just send us a brief and the submission guidelines for the publisher and we’ll write up a quality article that can be posted on powerful sites such as Forbes, The Guardian and many others besides.

Over the last couple of years however, we’ve started working directly with more businesses. They typically don’t have the time or the resources to source the publishing spots themselves, so we’ve decided to do the honourable thing and help them out.

High DA blogging sites

We’ve built a bank of reputable blogging sites with a domain authority that ranges from 30 up to 80+ and a spam score of just 1 percent. We will liaise with these blogging sites for you, suggest a topic and title if you don’t have one in mind, research the post, submit it to the publisher and make any amends that are required, so you can leave every part of the process to us.

Every guest post publisher is different. While some might accept 600-word articles, others will not even look at a post that’s less than 1200 words. Industry-specific publishers can also be very particular about the topics we cover and it can require a significant amount of research to produce content that they’re happy to publish.

For that reason, there’s no set price for this part of our guest blog writing service. Just drop us a line to discuss the guest blogging opportunities you’re looking for and we’ll send you a quote.