Childcare. Copywriting. Cladding. In That Order

Childcare. Copywriting. Cladding. An update from To Your Heart's Content

The football fans amongst you will see that I’ve borrowed a writing mechanism from that very learned Welshman Gareth Bale for this little update from To Your Heart’s Content (TYHC). I hope he doesn’t mind. Despite the pandemic bringing all sorts of carnage to all sorts of people, at TYHC, I’ve been very lucky that…

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A New Addition to Our Guest Blog Writing Service

We're changing our guest blog writing service by sourcing the posting opportunities for you

We like to keep things moving here at To Your Heart’s Content, so after receiving the same request from a few of our clients, we thought the time was right to take the next step in our guest blog writing service. Now, don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong with stagnating and festering, and in…

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The Copywriting Process: How Does it Work?

A picture of a chrysalis turning into a butterfly, much in the same way our copywriting process turns initial information into beautiful copy

Following on from last week’s blog about finding a good copywriter, we thought we’d shed some light on the copywriting process and how it all works here at To Your Heart’s Content. If you’re new to the world of outsourced copywriting or have not worked with our team before, these are some of the questions…

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How To Find A Good Copywriter

A picture of two street poets for hire. Not sure how to find a good copywriter? It's probably best to avoid these guys

Not sure how to find a good copywriter? I have the same problem with plumbers. When your toilet is on the blink, as mine merrily is, I can’t help thinking that the plumber I eventually call will charge me a fortune for a five-minute job, either to punish me for being too stupid to perform…

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Say Hello to a Few New Copywriting Clients

Illuminated shaking hands to represent TYHC's new copywriting clients coming onboard

Lockdown living has certainly not been a walk in the park. In fact, it’s been 21 walks in the park in the last 21 days. That’s thanks to an exuberant one-year-old who loves chasing pigeons. But while the last 10 weeks has brought its fair share of challenges, it’s also given me a little time…

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How A Few Long-Tail Keywords Can Go A Long Way

Two baby monkeys with long tails - Our guide to long-tail keywords

Purple teapot. Purple teapots. Purple Teapots Arbroath. Purple Teapots in Arbroath. Depending on how much you like purple teapots and the town of Arbroath, head term keywords can be a bit dull. Yes, these broad terms are crucially important to your website’s performance in the search engine rankings, but they’re not the be-all and end-all.…

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Why Cheap Copywriting Services are a False Economy

An old truck giving directions to a thrift shop - cheap copywriting

Cheap copywriting services are a false economy. That’s a fact. Why? Well, please let us explain… There are some things in life it’s a good idea to scrimp on. Growing your own vegetables will save you a pretty penny, turning down the thermostat and popping on a nice warm jumper will save you pounds come…

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How to Write an SEO Article, and Frankly, Why Bother?

A colourful SEO logo as an introduction to 'How to write an SEO article'

Not sure how to write an SEO article? Well, now’s a great time to learn. In this post-COVID world, pushing a trolley mindlessly around Morrisons shouting “eggs! EGGS!” as you go, and hauling your gelatinous body around the block is about as good at it gets. You could argue that getting drunk in front of…

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How to Write Website Content that Keeps Visitors Glued to the Page

How to write website content that readers will love

If, for some inexplicable reason, I found myself wanting to ‘buy cushions’ online, I could spend my Saturday afternoon trawling through 187 million results until I found the perfect polka dot design. Alternatively, as a doting father, if I wanted to know ‘why does my 9-month-old hit himself in the head’, I’d have 83 million…

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A New Copywriting Portfolio at Last!

Some balloons to help celebrate the arrival of our new copywriting portfolio

Frequent visitors to the TYHC copywriting portfolio, of which, admittedly, there are probably very few, would be forgiven for thinking it was perpetually 2013. Rather than showcasing our latest triumphs in copywriting, they are greeted by some dusty old links to some dusty old articles, written when I was still a wee whippet of a…

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