Childcare. Copywriting. Cladding. In That Order

The football fans amongst you will see that I’ve borrowed a writing mechanism from that very learned Welshman Gareth Bale for this little update from To Your Heart’s Content (TYHC). I hope he doesn’t mind.

Despite the pandemic bringing all sorts of carnage to all sorts of people, at TYHC, I’ve been very lucky that the copywriting projects have continued to drop and my wonderful clients have supplied me with a steady flow of work. That’s why there haven’t been any updates for a little while now. I’m confident that you haven’t missed them too much.

In this update, I’m going to offer a little insight into the triumvirate of Cs that is consuming my life right now. Childcare. Copywriting. And probably the most joyful of all the highly flammable building materials – Cladding.


This isn’t a topic I’ll elaborate too much on. I only really included it because I needed a third C and couldn’t think of anything else. Chronic Bowel Condition. Copywriting. Cladding. Has a nice ring 🙁 to it, but fortunately, my bowels are relatively stable right now.

You’ll all be delighted to hear that my newly two-year-old son is progressing as a child should. He walks, talks and hands out slices of his little wooden cake with gay abandon. We’re very fortunate that his nursery was able to stay open during the most recent lockdown, allowing his mother and I to limit our fallouts to just 13 a day. To everyone at the Co-operative Nursery in Islington, we love you dearly.


You probably don’t care too much about this section either – let’s be honest here, cladding is where the action is. However, if you’re in the market for some tip-top content, know that TYHC is open for business. Over the past few months, I’ve written content for Quickbooks and Guardian Jobs (name dropping, moi?) as well as lots of other businesses and London-based agencies.

I also have to give a big shout-out to my new friends at Regex SEO over in Houston, Texas. They’ve been sending lots of work my way and are quickly becoming one of my favourite clients. I know more about different types of sand and HVAC systems than I could ever have hoped, and it’s all down to them.


Now, I’m no building engineer and my experience in the construction industry is limited to sandcastles, but you don’t need a formal qualification to know that it’s probably not a great idea to incase somebody’s home in highly flammable materials. Unfortunately, it turns out that this is exactly what some bright spark has done to my little flat.

Without getting too enraged by it all, the manufacturers of the cladding, that’s Kingspan, manipulated fire safety tests so that their dodgy insulation materials passed. This is the same K15 material that was used in Grenfell. I for one am very much looking forward to corporate manslaughter charges being brought against the heathens who have admitted that “a deliberate and calculated deceit” was carried out by their company.

I’m sure we all have our views on this grab-what-you-can-without-any-scruples, free-for-all that’s going on in this country at the moment, but when you put money ahead of people’s lives, you deserve everything you get.

Anyway, back to my little flat. It turns out that we will have to put our dreams of a paddling pool and a barbecue on pause for a few years, while the block we live in is stripped bare and its concrete, non-flammable innards are exposed for all to see. Whether we have to pay for that pleasure is yet to be confirmed.

The End

Apologies for the rather terse ending but it’s time for a spot of lunch. In the meantime, if you fancy placing an order for some succulent, saucy copywriting, please be my guest. Take a look at our content writing services, check that you can afford them, and then drop us a line.