A New Copywriting Portfolio at Last!

Frequent visitors to the TYHC copywriting portfolio, of which, admittedly, there are probably very few, would be forgiven for thinking it was perpetually 2013. Rather than showcasing our latest triumphs in copywriting, they are greeted by some dusty old links to some dusty old articles, written when I was still a wee whippet of a twenty-something.

Well, not anymore. As I stride begrudgingly into my mid-thirties, I thought it was high time for a refresh. So, I cleared the diary and spent last Friday removing those old, broken links and digging through my copywriting catalogue to find some highlights that showcase what To Your Heart’s Content is all about these days.

It’s a good job I gave myself the whole day because image editing is definitely not my forte. Best described as technologically moribund, I huffed and puffed my way through a process that wasn’t completed until just a few moments ago (it’s now Monday afternoon).

The eagle-eyed among you may notice that every image features the name or logo of the client, bar one. Instead, our website copywriting for Prosper, a London-based accountancy firm, is represented by a contented-looking chap with grey hair and a full beard. That’s just the way it is. Sometimes, it’s best not to question why.

That’s already quite a lot of ado, so let me get on with the grand unveiling of TYHC’s new copywriting portfolio:

Build the suspense a little…

…And then click right here.

Unfortunately, after such a longwinded build-up, our new copywriting portfolio will inevitably be underwhelming. But, when Yoast SEO says your post should be above 300 words, you listen. Perhaps I should have announced it with a tweet…

If you’d like to feature in the next edition of the To Your Heart’s Content portfolio, due sometime in 2026, please get in touch right away.